We're playing with our friends Trin Tran and MV Carbon at Cake Shop in NYC! December 30th!
Come dance with us!


We've added an X27 Sound Cloud page: Tell your friends!


Wow! has it really been 2 years since we put up any news? Crazy!

X27 was in low production mode as Carmen and Rikkeh X have been busy with other projects. The 2 most popular releases are Dex Zain Drujack in 2008 and Lilou Serena Francis in spring of 2011. They are awesum!


Long Past Stopping

<-- This is Oran's book. He used to play drums with X27. We love him and his book is really good. You should read it.

It's called Long Past Stopping. It tells the story of his life. Believe me, he's had a very interesting existence.


We're playing the American Independence Day festivities in downtown Green Bay. That's July 4th if you didn't know. and then the vinyl day celebration August 1st and more after that. Can you guess where our secret lab is?

We had a most awesome show last night in Green Bay, WI. Thanks everyone for coming out and partyin' with the Xs!

X27 will be performing at the Steel Bridge Songfest in Sturgeon Bay, WI on June 12th. It's their first public performance in over a year. We can't wait to see you there.

We've been holed up at a secret lab working on a new record. If we're lucky, it will be available later this year.

We just heard that the X27 "da na do" video screened at the Synch Festival in Greece on June 14th.
Wish we were there.

Carmen X broke her leg while playing in the park. It's a minor injury but we've had to postpone our upcoming tour until October.

X27 is now distributed by LIONSGATE! Our CDs will be on sell almost everywhere. We're excited. Hope you are too.

There's a nice write up for the new vid at Shots Ring Out

Did you see this great review for antilove in last month's Exclaim!?

The video for "da na do" is completed. WATCH IT!

da na do video flyer

Come out to see us in L.A. on July 18th!! Its our record release party!!
at Safari Sam's

antilove ad

Antilove will be released June 12, 2007!! Ask your local record store for it now. We love you.

Our new CD will be released June 12, 2007!! Remember kids, it was recorded by Steve Albini. you know, he recorded Nirvana's In Utero, the Pixie's Surfa Rosa, and many more awesome albums.

We mourn the loss of our dear friend Drew Goren. He was a great father, photographer, and friend. He will be missed.

This past summer Carmen and Rikkeh X had started a band with Drew called THIS. It got nowhere because we had too much fun hanging out together. Drew always had great stories and he lived every moment to the fullest. We cannot convey how much we will miss him.

Drew had been battling cancer for the past few years and has left behind his long-time girlfriend, Julia, and his six year old daughter, Nina. Donations can be given for them at

On October 24th, photographer Nick Knight will be receiving the Möet & Chandon Fashion Tribute 2006. For this occasion, he will be throwing a Masked Ball in London and has asked us to perform. We are both honored and excited. It will be broadcast live on his website SHOWstudio. tune in or get out.

Yo! We been layin low and writing new tunes. now it's time to play again.
We're playing CMJ 2006 at Union Pool on Nov 2, 2006.

Our friend Terry Klawth will be joining us on drums. He's on fire!!

We finally put the video for "Feeling Asthmatic" up for your viewing. It's on our myspace (that seems redundant) page. Watch it!. It was directed by our friend Robert Green and shot by Sean Prince Williams.

Big Surprise!! Today I turned on the telly and saw Sean Greathead demonstrating green screen technology on the Sundance Channel.
In case you've forgotten, Sean is the person X27 took to Europe in 2004 to play drums for them. He was already famous for designing and painting Garbage Pail Kids cards.
What will he do next?

The old Narnack machine pushed back the record again. Let 'em know how pissed you are for having to wait.

Carmen and Rikkeh will be on East Village Radio Saturday January 21st between 4 and 6pm.
They'll be spinning some of their favorite tunes and maybe doing a short interview. Be sure to tune in to

Attn!! the new X27 record - antilove - got pushed back again. now it's coming out May 2nd 2006!!!! just in time for your summer seduction.

Hey look at that. We've got more pictures on our site by the amazing Jonathan Forsythe.

We've been having a great run of shows lately. Thanks to everyone for comin out and havin a good ole time with the X27. Keep up the fun.

Good News, our friends and family within the Katrina disaster area are safe and well. Yippee!

Finally X27 and MySpace have gotten together.

There are new tunes up on our site too.

We are broken hearted about the destruction in the Mississippi Delta.
As you may know, Rikkeh is from this area. He was born and raised in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi. His immediate family is safe. But many of our friends and family members have yet to be heard from. Communication is almost completely cut off to the area, but we believe most everyone is safe. We are all tore up. The loss of personal property doesn't matter as long as lives are safe.

If it is within your means to help our people, please help.
Donate to: America's Second Harvest

The release date of our new record, antilove, has been pushed back to Valentine's Day, 2006.

Samples of new X27 tunes are available for you (like cookies). Go to our music page.

36 years ago today NASA officially put men on the moon. I know people that live there still. They might have even been there first.

Did anyone see Rikkeh on MTV's "Boiling Points"? He was helping to annoy customers at a video store?
I have no idea when it aired, but I'm told it already did.

(Good News) We just finished recording a new record with Steve Albini! He is awesome. We're very happy with it. It's due out in August.

(Bad News) Our good friend Billy, bass player for Guitar Wolf, died yesterday. We will miss him very much. He has always been an inspiration.

We're playing SXSW after all. Come dance with us!

Hey! We've been layin' low writin' new tunes. Our SXSW and April Fools shows had to be cancelled. We're recording with Steve Albini instead. Everyone is excited.

The new Narnack Sampler is ready for you. Get your copy today from your local record store or Narnack Records. It has 14 of your favourite bands and costs only US$6.50!!

We just finished a new track for an upcoming Narnack Sampler. It's the first track with our new drummer Massey and it is badass.

We're booking shows again, so put on your dancing shoes and shake it with X27.

The date of our suprise show at Lit Lounge CHANGED to October 6th. for those of you that don't know, that's tomorrow. DANCE, BABY, DANCE!

Narnack is having a CMJ showcase at North Six. The day is Friday October 15th. The Fall just confirmed. It'll be the Fall, X27, Coachwhips, Parts and Labor, Langhorn Slim, and more.

We're playing a suprise show at the Lit Lounge on October 7th. Come-on-down and Rock-out.

We are the happiest band in the world. Massey is now playing the role of Drummer X. He is too awesome. Now we need a warning label.

We're back from Europe. It was totally platinum! Thanks to everyone everywhere. You are better than the best.

We're in Europe now. Come shake your booty with us. Dance!

Thanks everyone for staying so late to see us last night at Tommy's Tavern. We played a surprise send-off party with Breaker Breaker and danced all night.

We'd like to announce that our friend Sean Greathead (from the band Amverts) will be joining us on drums for our summer 2004 European tour.

Sorry we've been out of touch for a while. We're busy writing a new record.

Hey Look!! There's a new website for that amazing record label Show and Tell Recordings.
You know who they are. They put out the Coachwhips on Vinyl and that rockin X27 7".
And now there's a new record from the greatest band in the world...Trin Tran.

Last night ruled! Our friend Paul from Vaz and Hammerhead played drums with us. He is amazing. It was so fun.
Metal Urbain and Aqui ruled too. Damn, what an excellent show.

Check out these great photos taken of us while we rocked the USA with Hawney Troof and Numbers.
02/29/04 - NORMAN, OK @ Opolis
03/02/04 - PHOENIX, AZ @ Modified Arts

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making this the funnest tour ever! You Rock!

Right now we're booking a European tour for June and July with our friends Breaker! Breaker!.

We're ON tour with Numbers and Da Hawney Troof. This is our last tour with Oran ON drums. He's wants to spend more time working ON his Led Zeppelin cover band. We wish him all the luck.

We played our friend Sarah Crespo's Birthday Party Last Night! It rocked! There was absynth, a cakefight during our set, and we forgot all our songs. It was awesome. Thanks Sarah! Happy number 23!

Look! Now pictures are up on our site. Ain't they pretty?

Happy New Year! Everyone survived another holiday season.

We've finished a video for "Feeling Asthmatic".
It'll be available for you to look at soon.

Check the shows page for more X27 events coming up.
Including a Numbers / X27 tour from New York to San Francisco.

Did anyone see Carmen X on David Letterman last night? She was a pink bunny.

If you've got X27 photos, please send 'em to us so we can put em up.

We've relocated the X27 Labs to the waterfront. With breath-taking views of our favorite city, we are happier than ever.
oh, and the building number is 27!

We're planning some dates with Numbers for late Feb. We'll be going from NY to TX with them.
So, it looks like we'll be partying with Rikkeh's folks again. MMMMMM. just love those mudbugs.

Shortly after tour we were caught in the middle of a shootout with NYPD. Luckily, none of us were hurt.
A few days later our 50 favorite CDs were stolen.
Rikkeh is very upset about the loss of his favorite Japanese Drinking Song CD. It will be greatly missed.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and partying with X27. You made this the best tour ever!

And special thanks to Rachel Carnes for making it possible.
King Cobra is our new favorite band.

Bard Rocks!! Those people are out of their minds! I want to marry you (what was your name again?)

In NYC we got a ticket for not turning when we were supposed to.
Outside the city we were ticketed for turning when we were not supposed to.
The Police sure are funny.

X27 will be playing CMJ on Friday, October 24th at Siberia with Chinese Stars & the Afrosheens (more bands TBA)

Release of the ME EP 7" (pink vinyl)
Look at our new website.  MMMM. just like stewart's orange cream soda.  MMMMMM. dreamy.

the Bowery Ballroom was ggrrreat! Thanks to our friends Erase Errata and Numbers for a jolly good time.

Confirmed show at Bowery Ballroom w/ Erase Errata and Numbers for 9/12/03

Booking tour with King Cobra for late Oct.

Watch X27 live footage of May 23rd show with Coachwhips at Stingers.  Go to punkcast:

Just finished shooting a music video for Asthmatic.